Lathe Operator


Montreal, QC (Canada)

Job Description

Work procedures
Receive verbal instructions and necessary materials;
Work according to shop orders, drawings, sketches of non-complex pieces;
Obtain and adjust fasteners, tools and fasteners on the machine assigned to the operator;
Handle equipment, to, to and from the work station by hand or by means of suitable lifting and carrying equipment;
Fix, center and level the work on the machine and perform all standard and non-complex machining operations in accordance with the drawings;
Set and use the correct speeds and cutting advance and the most appropriate tools in an efficient manner;
Work according to standards and occasionally according to precise tolerances;
Check, adjust and change tools if necessary and hand-sharpen simple cutting tools if allowed;
Submit for inspection for verification, the first part produced on a new assembly;
Verify the results of machining operations in relation to compliance with the drawings or other written or verbal quality requirements visually or by measuring and calibrating;
Separate and report defective equipment, poor production or missing parts to the supervisor or inspection for correction or disposal;
Immediately report to the supervisor the malfunction of the machine tools and the fasteners and defective tools;
Complete the daily production chart;
Perform standard maintenance on machine tools, related equipment, fasteners and tools such as cleaning, lubricating, changing cutting fluids as instructed;
Maintain a standard of safety, order and cleanliness at workstations and perform other simple and related tasks as directed;
Use the safety equipment required for the work and provided by the company.


Have completed apprenticeship or equivalent in a trade school

​​Have a minimum of two years proven experience on laps or have worked for three years in the class "4-9" operator of all the parallels

Basics required for the function

Knowledge of shop drawings to interpret all dimensions and other dimensions of qualities

Good knowledge of metal machining, cutting speeds and feedrate, cutting tools, their shape, and their maintenance and geometry of tools in relation to all parallel

Be able to calculate depths of cut, standard nets; reference point distances, conicities, angles, tool settings and other required workshop calculations

A practical and / or theoretical test may be required of candidates

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