Senior Import/Export Specialist


Williston, VT (US)

Job Description

The Senior Import/Export Specialist, will be primarily responsible for import and export compliance through the following:
  • Navigate the regulations to ensure importer compliance
  • Valuation of products, as pertains to different types of import transactions
  • Monitor with Customs Broker timeliness and accuracy of customs entries and releases and ensure a high level of data integrity
  • Audit import documentation for accuracy and compliance
  • Provide guidance and technical advice to staff involving in the preparation of shipping documents
  • Export Automated Export System (AES) reporting
  • Review liquidation reports to ensure entries are properly liquidated by US Customs
  • Audit and approve freight bills presented by various service providers
  • Maintain procedures for exporting product from the United States
  • Ensure records are properly retained and internal record keeping procedures are followed for all types of US Customs entries
  • Continuously evaluate current processes and recommend relevant changes or improvements to increase compliance and efficiency.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in related field such as but not limited to Supply Chain and Business
  • Minimum of 4-6 years of experience in international trade /customs environment
  • Working knowledge of the US Customs Federal Code of Regulations Title 19
  • A US Customs broker’s license, is an asset
  • Classification certification, is an asset
  • Working knowledge of Incoterms and correct use, based on import/ export transaction
  • Knowledgeable in truck movement
  • Familiar with Automated Commercial Environment Portal (ACE Portal) application
  • Classification of goods, including understanding of General Rules of Interpretation, free Trade Agreements, duty calculations, and proper use of US Customs Harmonized Classification System
  • Understanding Binding Ruling with US Customs

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