Project Specialist (temporary - 12 months)


Montreal, QC (Canada)

Job Description

You will assist the Project manager or Project Leader to monitor and manage a specific portfolio of projects. You will work through a set of standardized project management processes and tools. 
You will also be responsible to:
  • Create and maintain a Master Document list
  • Create and distribute customer progress (Status) reports.
  • Create the weekly VPM 1 and 2 presentations.
  • Monitor the overall health status of a project by using a WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) and selected tools to track key milestones.
  • Create and submit Client (Vendor) Data Books
  • Keep track of issues which may affect on time delivery.
  • Bring awareness to issues which may affect on time delivery to the Project Manager/Leader.
  • Take ownership of certain issues to resolution. 
  • Motivate and monitor the project team to meet key milestones and achieve on time delivery.


  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering or Commerce would be preferable
  • 1-3 years of experience related to project management
  • Passion for project management
  • Active listening
  • Having a dynamic approach to problem solving
  • Displaying a high level of clarity & succinctness when discussing issues
  • Ability to write clear and informative reports in English
  • Good knowledge of Word and Excel

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