Project Leader


Montreal, QC (Canada)

Job Description


Reporting directly to the Manager, Project Management, the Project Leader is responsible for managing project orders with the help of the Valve Project Management (VPM) team. More specifically, the incumbent oversees the planning, execution and tracking of projects from beginning to end while ensuring that quality requirements and on-time deliveries are met.

Key Responsibilities
  • Coordinate kick-off meetings to identify potential issues, determine key milestones and assign project team members.
  • Create work plans which identify and sequence activities to successfully complete the project.
  • Lead the VPM team comprising of cross-functional department representatives to execute project according to project plan.
  • Establish a communication schedule to update stakeholders, notably appropriate staff and customers, on the progress of the project, as per gate plan.
  • Ensure that the project committed dates are met by initiating actions when deviations are found.
  • Lead weekly project status meetings and rolling action item list with departmental and plant representatives.
  • Participate in the weekly blitz meetings for past due orders.
  • Manage gate reviews from gate 1 to 8 and participate in the monthly review meetings.
  • Escalate exceptions and changes to the VPM team leader.
  • Initiate problem-solving activities on recurring issues.
  • Document processes and ensure adherence.
Working Conditions
  • Office work environment; and,
  • Overtime needed in peak periods.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Management Operations, Engineering or related field.
  • Project Management Professional certification is an asset.
Relevant Work Experience
  • 3-5 years of relevant experience in project management.
  • 5-10 years of relevant experience in the manufacturing industry.
  • Proficiency in the four language skills of French and English; speaking, listening, writing and reading.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office.
  • Strong knowledge of manufacturing processes and procedures.
  • Knowledge of ERP systems (Baan is an asset).
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to reason and influence at all levels.
  • Strong communication and presentation skills.
  • Strong problem-solving and analysis skills.
  • Ability to manage complexity and resolve conflicts that arise from balancing multiple priorities.
  • Ability to interact with senior management executive staff.

Enabling Core Competencies

Customer Focus
Is dedicated to meeting the needs and expectations of internal and/or external customers; talks and acts with customers in mind; establishes and maintains effective relationships with customers and gains their trust and respect.
Drive for Results
Takes actions to meet and exceed goals and expectations; is bottom-line oriented; strives for continuous improvement to make products, services, and work practices more efficient and effective; steadfastly pushes self for results.
Teamwork & Cooperation
Is willing and able to work cooperatively and supportively with colleagues; develops positive and open relationships with team members to solve problems and achieve business goals.
Flexibility & Change
Is able to adapt and respond positively to a variety of situations and people to meet changing priorities; adapts to new ways of working to deliver the desired results.
Continuous Learning
Is able to learn quickly when facing new problems; is a relentless and versatile learner; analyzes both successes and failures for clues to improvement; enjoys the challenge of unfamiliar tasks; quickly grasps the essence of complex situations.

Enabling Specific Competencies

Interpersonal Relationship
Relates well to all kinds of people at any levels (up, down, and sideways) inside and outside the company; builds appropriate rapport; listens well; builds constructive and effective relationships; uses diplomacy and tact; truly values people; can diffuse even high-tension situations comfortably.
Can motivate many kinds of subordinates and team or project members; can assess each person’s hot button and use it to get the best out of them; pushes tasks and decisions down; empowers others; invites input from each person and shares ownership and visibility; makes each individual feel their work is important; is someone people like working for and with.
Can marshal resources (people, budget, material, support, etc.) to get things done; can orchestrate multiple activities at once to accomplish a goal; uses resources effectively and efficiently; arranges information in a useful manner.
Accurately scopes out length and difficulty of tasks and projects; sets objectives and goals; breaks down work into the process steps; develops schedules; assigns tasks; anticipates and adjusts for problems and roadblocks.

Key Performances Indicators
  • On-time delivery of projects;
  • Average days late; and,
  • Order entry cycle time.

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