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Velan launches the Securaseal R-series cast

(Houston, TX) Velan introduced the all new Securaseal R-series cast metal-seated ball valve at Valve World Expo in Houston, Texas. The new R-series cast product line leverages Velan’s extensive severe service technology and places it in an optimized package suitable for most processes with fluid slurries and high temperatures. 

Yves Leduc, Velan's CEO said, “Velan has a great history of innovation in metal-seated ball valves, but a lot of that innovation has happened on a project-to-project basis. The R-series is the result of an extensive R&D program built to optimize Velan’s technology into a product that addresses the most common requirements—both from an application and commercial point of view. We believe the result is a platform that underpins the best metal-seated ball valve product line in the market.”

The R-series cast is designed to meet process industry standards, including API 608, and stringent customer specifications. The new cast product line is available in all sizes and standard trims up to ASME class 600, and is also offered on an engineered-to-order basis up to ASME class 2500 and sizes 36” (DN 900) sizes. The Securaseal R-series offers unique features that make it simpler for customers to select, install, and maintain, including:
  • High integrity sealing with fixed downstream seating technology that prevents any unwarranted movements;
  • Low emissions with full-size live-loaded API 641 & ISO 15848-1 compliant packing;
  • Field-replaceable components providing greater flexibility for potential maintenance;
  • Optional easy-to-automate mounting pad with severe service drive-train. 
This product line has been carefully engineered and tested, both in Velan’s own labs and in the field. “Our new platform for metal-seated ball valves has been engineered for weight and torque competitiveness, while ensuring components will perform over an extended service life. Some of the work is hard to see, but ultimately we’ve made many optimizations based on our own field experience and the latest standards, resulting in a valve that meets Velan's high severe service standards, at a competitive price. In addition, this product comes with a vast material and coating selection that can be tailored to tough operating conditions such as high-pressure oxygen service, slurry-carrier applications, and high-pressure steam." said Valeska Chwoschtschinsky, Product Specialist for Securaseal.

Velan has over 30 years of engineering experience in metal-seated ball valves and has proven expertise in solving tough application challenges with high performance valves. Velan valves are used extensively in applications ranging from delayed coking to hydroprocessing to hydrometallurgy. Dan Velan, VP Marketing said: “Over the past five years, Velan has brought to market over one thousand new designs in the course of its project manufacturing business. We realize that the market is not fully aware of their existence, or even less of the value they can bring to their operations. With this launch, we’re looking to engage key customers in technical discussions about their process problems and find places where we can help.”

Customers can get more information about this product and request Velan's help in matching a metal-seated ball valve technology to their process at or contact us to book a technical meeting at + 1 514 748 7748 x 5605 or
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