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Announcement: New Velan Sales Structure

Dear business partners:
We are announcing a re-design of our sales structure to be better aligned with our customers’ market approach. This change is intended to focus our resources on maximizing impact and competitiveness in today’s challenging economy.
As markets and customers are becoming increasingly global, we need a consistent approach to attack each market, that allows us to align sales activities around customer segments.  Our current geographical model does not allow enough focus, and therefore we are re-structuring the global sales organization by vertical markets.
Whether you are part of a worldwide network or your coverage is more regional, our changes are intended to bring the right skills and focus to the right location at the right time to support your efforts.
Velan is the leading valve brand on the market and we want to drive that innovation and product expertise into all market opportunities.  Specific go-to-market strategies are being developed to deliver product and service support per vertical market.  Internal programs are being designed to drive application knowledge up through the organization, which will translate into stronger partnership-ties with you.  And, a dedicated sales team per vertical market will ensure a consistency of service that will drive our mutual interest.
The changes being announced today are designed to drive four vertical markets:
  • Paul Dion has been appointed as Vice-President of Sales, Process Industries which will focus on downstream refining, petrochemical, chemical and mining
  • Emanuele Rivolta has been appointed as Vice-President of Sales, Upstream (onshore and offshore production) and Midstream markets 
  • Stefan Wingerath has been appointed as Vice-President of Sales, Power Industries which focus on combined-cycle, super-critical and ultra-super-critical power plants, nuclear and renewable energy
  • We are in the process to secure the ideal candidate to lead our MRO vertical market 


To help drive our market penetration and strengthen our partnerships, we are introducing technical and commercial strategic functions in support of the four vertical markets:

  • Technical Sales leaders will provide the expertise needed for solution development on a global scale.  Jose del Buey has been appointed as Vice-President, Technical Sales of Quarter-turn products, and Joe Calabrese appointed as Vice-President, Technical Sales of Multi-turn products.
  •  Commercial Sales leaders will be instrumental to establish the new structure and continuous improvements of the same.  Charlie Pogue and Paul Lee have been appointed as Vice-President, Commercial Sales. 

The team has been developing a plan to ensure a smooth transition to maintain a high level of service to all our customers.  Additionally, should you have any questions, I ask you to reach out to your current Velan contact.

To view a complete list of Velan Sales Leaders and their contact information click here.
There is a tremendous energy and innovative strength at Velan.  This re-structuring of our sales force represents a fundamental change in the way we go-to-market, and it is with this new structure, our experience and incredible talent that I truly believe our most successful years lie ahead.
Best regards,
Wolfgang Maar
Executive Vice-President, Global Sales
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