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A step forward in control valve actuation


Read full article featured in Valve World magazine April 2018.​

Velan is proud to announce that last month, our team at Velan ABV successfully shipped four complete control units combining the Key-C rotary control ball valve with the unique cable drive actuator. These huge 30” Class 300 control valves will be part of the gas treatment process for a modernization project of a large-scale refinery in northern Kuwait.

Manufactured in Italy since 2010 and developed from a traditional trunnion ball design, the Key-C represents the new generation of rotary control ball valves as it matches high performance with wide flow capacity.

The ball is equipped with a special caged trim–this multi-stage technology limits the chance of cavitation or flashing phenomena in liquid applications and reduces the aerodynamic noise in presence of gas flow.

The success of this project can be attributed to the innovative cable drive actuator, able to overcome the traditional drawbacks of a Scotch Yoke design in fast and demanding control conditions. Patented in 2014, its high efficiency transmission system develops a linear torque and ensures low friction and zero backlash along the entire stroke. These key features enable accurate and precise control in high dynamics process.

This unique combination has been found to meet challenging project requirements. For example, during the functional tests, each 30” valve completed the entire stroke, in control mode, in less than 12 seconds and at the same time guaranteed a step response with a maximum overshot of 0,4%, a dead time of 0,5 seconds and an accuracy of 0,6%. This is a true achievement in control valve actuation.
To learn more, contact our Product Manager, Nicola Lucchesi

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