Nuclear power

Velan valves are the global power industry's clear choice for reliable nuclear service, with an installation base that includes two-thirds of the world's nuclear power stations—100% of plants in Canada, France, and South Korea, and 90% of plants in USA.

Velan is a leading manufacturer of valves for the nuclear power industry. Velan has been supplying valves for nuclear power for over 50 years, and has held the ASME 'N' stamp since 1971. Our nuclear quality programs have been surveyed by ASME and are audited by NUPIC, Newport News Shipbuilding, DCMA, nuclear utilities, and others. And we remain at the forefront of qualification testing for motor-operated valves to address issues raised in the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Generic Letter 89-10. Velan has focused nuclear marketing, sales, engineering, and quality-control teams that enable us to handle all of your nuclear valve needs.
With the resurgence in nuclear power, Velan has a leadership role in helping promote safety and reliability in the nuclear industry. You can read Generation next: Velan forges ahead in nuclear to find out how Velan is taking this responsibility seriously.


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