Bolted bonnet metal-seated knife gate valves


Category: Gate, globe, and check valves
Product line: Knife gate valves

  • Size range(s)
    NPS 4 - 24
    (DN 100 - 600)
    Pressure rating
    up to 150 psig
    Standard connections

Features and benefits

No leakage to the exterior through packing chamber (unlike standard knife gate valves) 

  • Bonneted design: Standard body-bonnet joint with an efficient non-asbestos reinforced fiber or PTFE gasket.
  • Long-life leakproof stem seal: Standard packing chamber with 125 RMS wall finish, burnished non-rotating stem and PTFE or graphite packing rings. Many times the cycle life of a standard knife gate valve.
  • Virtually no contamination of the environment: No dewatering of stock, unlike standard knife gate valves.
  • Easy repacking in-line. (Valve should be de-pressurized when repacking in-line.)

Tighter seats with positive torque closure of knife
  • Beveled knife-stem connection locks the knife blade tight against the seat. The seat is sealed by positive torque closure – not media pressure – unlike any other knife gate valve.
  • Raised-face seat: A groove around the seat collects particles pushed aside by the knife and prevents clogging. When the valve opens, media pressure cleans the groove.
  • Lapped seat ensures tight closure.

Bypass to prevent clogging of bonnet
  • Bypass lets pulp circulate inside the bonnet when valve is opened, preventing clogging.

Easy operation
  • Lower running torque due to reduced friction: Friction between stem and packing in bolted bonnet knife gate valve is far less than the friction between the blade and the packing in a standard knife gate valve.
  • Low-friction, acid-resistant Ni-Resist stem nut:
  • Valves can operate with smaller actuators than standard knife gate valves, due to lower running torque.

All cast stainless steel design
  • One-piece stainless steel, fully-lugged, cast body is stronger than welded bodies and less subject to distortion due to thermal stress. Posts are stainless steel instead of chrome-plated carbon steel for longer life.
  • Designed for vertical or horizontal line operations.
  • Standard wafer, TAPPI face-to-face for easy replacement of leaky standard knife gate valves.
  • Maintenance and adjustment-free. Long cycle life.
  • Suitable for most pulp and paper applications. Can be used throughout the mill as a general-purpose knife gate valve up to 5% pulp consistency. 

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