RAMA BELLOWS SEAL globe valves


Category: Gate, globe, and check valves
Product line: RAMA easy maintenance valves for nuclear service

  • Size range(s)
    NPS 1/4 - 2 (DN 8 - 50)
    Pressure rating
    ASME Classes
    150 - 1500
    Standard connections
    Butt weld

Features and benefits

Qualified by DCN (the French Naval Authority), this valve is recommended for severe applications. Special feautures include:
● Removable bellows-cover sub assembly
● Bellows leakage indicator
● T-pattern or Y-pattern bodies available

● One-piece forged body for more safety and reliability
● Removable seat
● Removable guided disc
● Advanced cage profile allows high flow coefficient Cv
● Enhanced stem seal with load checking system

● Unaffected by solicitations of the body
● Body-seat graphite gasket fitted with an extrusion prevention device
● Gasket load controlled by a metal-to-metal compression stop
● Available with different qualified hard-facing alloys

● In-line maintenance in less than 15 minutes
● High and permanent level of tightness with any fluids
● Cobalt free for nuclear service
● Trim and packing removal without tools
● Removable seat
● Disc and stem easily dismountable
● No welds to cut and reweld; no lapping

● Fast and easy maintenance
● Low operating costs thanks to low maintenance
● Low fugitive emissions
● Low radioactive exposition due to fast maintenance
● Standardized components 

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