Social Responsibility

The Velan name has long been synonymous with giving back to the community.  The Velan family, the company itself, and the Velan Foundation have contributed to countless philanthropic projects in Canada and overseas. In Montreal, they were involved in setting up the multi-service centre La rue des Femmes, which includes a shelter called La Maison Olga (named after A.K. Velan’s wife), and in financing a pavilion at Camp Papillon for children with special needs. Since 1981, a Velan Award has been discerned annually to an outstanding Canadian for humanitarian activities abroad.
This philanthropic tradition has likewise continued throughout all generations of the Velan family -- and amongst Velan employees as well. For example, Velan employees at the Montreal headquarters and other Quebec-based plants hold an annual Centraide/United Way campaign, in which they raise money for this important national charity. Velan in turn matches all employee donations.
As Tom Velan states, “We are fortunate to run a successful business, headquartered in a safe and stable country, and we very much believe in passing our good fortune on to others whenever possible. Regardless of whether we’re acting as individuals or as corporate citizens, philanthropy is very much a way of life here at Velan.”
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