Pressure seal y-pattern globe valves


Category: Gate, globe, and check valves
Product line: Pressure seal (forged and cast steel) valves

  • Size range(s)
    NPS 2 - 24
    (DN 50 - 600)
    Pressure rating
    ASME Class
    900 - 2500
    Standard connections
    Butt weld, Flanged

Features and benefits

The Velan pressure seal y-pattern globe valve offers a lower pressure drop compared to vertical globe valves.  The non-rotating stem results in lower friction of all moving parts and longer stem packing life. All this resulting in smooth, easy operation and tight shutoff under extreme pressures.

  • Velan's innovative pressure seal design to ASME B16.34.
  • Live-loaded pressure seal bonnet bolting on NPS 6 and larger as a standard.
  • Body – superior strength forgings / high quality castings.
  • Excellent resistance to the effects of thermal cycling.
  • Body guided disc eliminates side thrust and provides longer life to the disc, seat, and body. The body and disc are CoCr alloy hardfaced on seat contact and disc guiding surfaces, which provides maximum resistance to erosion and wear.
  • Impactor handwheel gives 3–10 times more closing force than a standard handwheel for tight shutoff (available up to size NPS 4).  
  • Non-rotating stem requires lower operating torque.
  • Stem expansion/contraction thrust unit for high temperature application (optional).
  • Optional live-loading of packing extends low emission service life especially in service with large pressure/temperature transients or frequent cycling.
  • Optional disc designs: Stop-check,needle-disc, and skirted-disc.
  • Optional: elbow down design 
  • Other sizes and pressure classes available. Contact the company for specifications.

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