Quench relief valves


Category: Cryogenic valves
Product line: Cryogenic control valves

  • Size range(s)
    NPS 1 1/2 (DN 40)
    Pressure rating
    ASME Class 300
    Standard connections
    Butt weld

Features and benefits

● Temperature: -457.6 to 176ºF (-272 to 80ºC)

● Protect the superfluid helium enclosures of superconducting magnets against over-pressure resulting from resistive transitions (Quench) as well as some of the cryogenic lines (QRL).

● Superfluid helium service (Temperature: 1.9 K)
● Set pressure : 17 bar (full open pressure : 20 bar)
● Angle body
● Cold box adaptation
● Single or double bellows sealed
● Remote control actuation (on/off function)
● Flow coefficient : Kv 30
● No risk of icing or jamming when operating
● Downstream pressure does not affect the set pressure
● Very low heat inleak
● Resistant to radiation
● Typical fluid : liquid He, liquid Ox, liquid H2, liquid N2

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