Pilot-operated check valve (POCV)


Category: Gate, globe, and check valves
Product line: Pilot-operated check valve

  • Size range(s)
    Pressure rating
    6000 psi hydraulic fluid pressure
    Standard connections
    Manifold mounted

Features and benefits

Velan's pilot-operated check valve design is a flexible and reliable solution. It enables reverse flow, and provides a safe alternative to control hydraulic and pneumatic systems during maintenance and normal operations. It also prevents overpressure and malfunction, and it's quick and easy to maintain. 

Additionally, it offers customizable cracking pressure, pilot-to-check valve pressure ratio, and working pressure–all in a single product with lasting quality.


Design features

  • Designed for 6,000 psi hydraulic fluid pressure and sized to provide optimal flow.
  • The check disc, piston, and stem are case hardened to provide long service life and minimal deformation.
  • The check valve is designed to achieve the desired cracking pressure.
  • Manifold mounted with four o-rings to ensure a tight seal at the interface.
  • Enables reverse flow.

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