Research and Development

With over 65 years of expertise, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver above and beyond standard testing. The R&D group is a key part of the Velan engineering team, and the services we provide include technical project management, design and analysis, standard and customized experimentation work, performance evaluation, and turn-key support from project initiation to program completion.

We provide customized testing programs that will help develop and qualify our valves to the client’s specifications and qualifications. Velan has three R&D test lab facilities offering a wide range of testing capacities, including steam boilers, superheaters, flow loops, cryogenic stands, cycling stations, and diverse test fluids. We also work closely with specialized third-party labs, which allows us to design extensive qualification programs to meet your most exacting needs.

For more information click here to download the brochure, Velan Research and Development Testing and Qualification Services.

Velan Welding and Metallurgical Center of Excellence

The center’s mission is to provide Velan with the necessary expertise for the various projects related to the increasingly complex metallurgical field, such as brazing, welding, metallurgy, heat treatment and thermal spray, and to master its manufacturing processes in order to remain a world-class industry leader.

Watch the following video from an explanation of some functions of the Velan’s Metallurgical Centre.


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