Type SPF & SP high capacity piston-operated steam traps


Category: Steam traps
Product line: Bimetallic steam traps

  • Size range(s)
    NPS 1 - 3 (DN 25 - 80)
    Pressure rating
    PMO up to 1500 psi
    Standard connections
    Socket weld, Threaded, Butt weld, Flanged

Features and benefits

● Piston cage unit: The advanced piston cage unit design combines a liner, piston, main seat and main valve into one factory-tested assembly to ensure precise alignment and simple maintenance. In the SPF Type there is also a bimetallic cage unit.
● Valve seats CoCr alloy hardfaced: The main and pilot valve seats are CoCr alloy hardfaced to increase their resistance to the high degree of wear through velocity of flow, dirt and scale.
● Small and lightweight design for piping convenience, no mounting brackets required.
● All in one construction unit: Air vent, main valve, check valve, strainer and temperature controller are a single unit, ensuring perfect alignment and ease of maintenance.
● Positive closing: As steam contacts the bimetal element, the pull closes the pilot valve, reducing the pressure on the piston. Line pressure below the main valve closes the valve tightly on the seat.
● Positive condensate drainage for process work.
● Check valve operation: The main valve acts as a check valve preventing back flow.
● Temperature controller controls and adjusts the discharge temperature of condensate which can be calibrated using a special thermometer.
● Other options include: Piping King units; thermometer; strainer blowdown valve (SP only). SPF 0-7 (only) can include a “Y” Type strainer in line to protect trap. 

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