Butt weld end valves


Category: Quarter-turn valves
Product line: Velflex high performance cryogenic butterfly valves

  • Size range(s)
    NPS 6 - 42
    (DN 150 - 1050)
    Pressure rating
    ASME Classes 150 - 300
    Standard connections
    Butt weld

Features and benefits

● Stem seal: Viton O-rings; Expanded graphite ring for fire safe
● No Cavity: There is no cavity to allow build-up of solids
● In-line servicing: Allows quick and easy in-line seat inspection or replacement within minutes
● Double offset: Ensures a progressive smooth and low friction seat-disc closing. Hardened sealing surface to provide high level of tightness and long lifetime
● Fire safe design: All metal construction providing inherent fire safe
● Unique sealing system: Combined with the eccentric disc rotation, the patented flexible metallic seat provides an exceptional tight shutoff even with high temperature fluctuations
● Actuators: Pneumatic, hydraulic, electric or manual gear; fast acting actuators for Emergency Shut Down (ESD) function
● Extended bonnet: With a sufficient gas column to keep the stem packing away from the cold fluid
● High quality castings: With X-ray and PT examinations from approved foundries
● Stainless steel shaft bearings: Coated with nickel-reinforced PTFE for high cycle and smooth operation
● Reliability: Reliability of valve operation affects service life and ease of inspection and maintenance. In order to predict reliability, a sound valve design must be backed up by a stress analysis and functional qualification testing under critical operating conditions. 

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