Type TS, TSF & SF forged steam traps

  • Size range(s)
    NPS 3/8 - 1 (DN 10 - 25)
    Pressure rating
    ASME class 300/400
    PMO up to 600 psi
    Standard connections
    Socket weld, Threaded, Butt weld, Flanged

Features and benefits

● Forged valve body and cover offer the advantages of high strength, structural integrity and reliability that make it an ideal choice for steam service.
● Stainless steel trim
● Cage unit: The advanced cage unit design in Velan steam traps combines a bimetal element, hardened Rc 58 min. ball valve and a CoCr alloy seat area all in one factory-tested assembly. Replacement of all wearing parts can be achieved in less than two minutes, with the trap remaining in-line.
● CoCr alloy seats: All Velan valve seats are CoCr alloy hardfaced to increase their resistance to the high degree of wear through velocity of flow, dirt and scale.
● Integral strainer: Stainless steel screens are integral in all three models to protect the trap operating mechanism from damage by dirt or scale. No extra fittings or installation costs are required. Free strainer area minimum 5 to 1. Perforation is 0.031"" (0.8 mm).
● Universal operation: The individual segments of the bimetallic element act consecutively, developing forces in close relation to the saturated steam curve. This permits sensitive, efficient trap operation at all pressures from 1 psi to maximum, without orifice change or adjustment.
● Silent operation: No violent line shocks.
● Positive closing: Every Velan steam trap closes tightly on saturated steam temperature. Positive closing for long periods on dry superheated steam has enormous advantages in power plant and marine service.
● All-position operation simplifies piping layout.
● Freezeproof: Velan traps do not require a reservoir of priming water in the body to operate. When installed vertically with inlet on top, they drain completely when cold, and are freezeproof without insulation.
● Positive condensate drainage for process work.
● Optional temperature controller on SF: An ingenious device that allows adjustment of factory setting underfull steam pressure. Condensate discharge temperature can be increased or decreased to meet the specific requirements of any process application. Up to 30% of energy can be saved by extracting the sensible heat of steam.
● Other options include: NPT blow down plug, Piping King Units complete with valving 

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